First, Some Thanksgiving My sincere


First, Some Thanksgiving

My sincere thanks to Therese for the metro stop. Thanks to those great instructions I had no problem getting to the Shrine today. It's amazing. It has an interesting dome, but seems mostly unimpressive when approached from CUA; however, once inside it is absolutely overwhelming. Attended mass and purchased a couple of books that I would otherwise have to order through Amazon (against my distributist leanings) about which, more in a moment.

Thanks to God for fair weather despite the terrible forecasts.

And thanks to all the pleasant, caring, cheery, delightful people of Washington D.C. for making the experience so warm and fuzzy. (Actually one lady in a Metro booth was both extraordinarily helpful and tremendously pleasant. And most of the people I intereacted with in the course of their employment. What was nearly unendurable was the general mass of humanity, which would give one a good view of why Christianity is undoubtedly true.

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