Following the Lead of Ms.


Following the Lead of Ms. vonHuben

I'm not certain this is such a good thing to make public, but I wanted to see where I was on the Beatles' Album chart. We have an Abbey Road and a Revolver. I suppose we needed this.

Which Beatles Album Are You?

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Yes, another useless, but highly amusing quiz for which I had trouble answering the questions again. But even after changing answers several times on the questions where there was some wiggle room I ended up "Sgt Pepper." Wonder what you had to do to get either "Magical Mystery Tour" or "The Beatles" (AKA the "White Album"). But Sgt Pepper does have one of my very favorite Beatles' songs (actually about 10 of them--it comes as close to perfection as is possible in an album of that era.)

I suppose if you combined the results of enough of these quizzes you might actually begin to have some rather interesting personality profiles. Ms. vonHuben points out that she is "an Abbey Road Augustine," and Dylan is a "Revolver Karl Barth." I am a firm Sgt. Pepper borderline Erasmus/Augustine. Add that to the Founding Fathers quiz and you've got Sgt. Pepper Erasmus Jefferson--sounds like a great name for a character in a novel. Now add language--I'm a Quenya Sgt Pepper (mind-blowing concept it itself) Erasmus Jefferson.

As I said, with enough of these, even though the answers are sometimes tough, you might end up with a vague outline of the contours of personality.

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