Doctrine and Dogma I was


Doctrine and Dogma

I was reading at another blog the other day some intimation that the "rules" of Catholicism occasionally dominate the "spirit" of Catholicism. I apologize that I cannot recall where this thread started. However, it did start me thinking about the role of doctrine and dogma in the Church. It occurred to me that very rarely are the two overtly important in day to day transactions. I conceived a metaphor in which doctrine and dogma are like one of those invisible fences one puts up for dogs. They do not block or obscure the view and they rarely come into conscious thought because in normal day-to-day functions we stay well within the yard. However, they come into play when we reach the edge of the lawn and are wondering if we should stray over into other territory. They become sharp reminders of the way in which we are called to conduct ourselves for the benefit of all. Most of the time, we practice our faith and our spirtuality without any need of correction, but the rules come into play when they are needed.

Perhaps because I was not born Catholic, I find myself less hemmed in by the rules and teachings of the Church. In fact, I find them tremendously liberating. Because of them, I have been able to take down the nasty, faded, dirty-gray battered cedar fence that once blocked my entire view of the world. Now I can see all the tremendous vistas of God's goodness without impairment, and can understand clearly my place in that vast, wide-open space.

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