Welcome to Regina Caeli Another


Welcome to Regina Caeli

Another new blog that looks quite charming. From the Blog itself

I suppose I need to clarify my intentions in creating this page; while I sincerely enjoying reading the web logs listed on the right, I don't intend in any way to put myself on a parallel with them. I am not at this moment very involved or informed enough about Catholic doctrine, politics, news, liturgical abuses, or anything of that sort to attempt to cover these subjects here on a daily basis. Rather, the emphasis will be on my daughter, my family, what i'm reading, graphic design, music, art, etc.

Which makes this the perfect place for me. As I may have said before, I have no problem with people posting and commenting on the news, and I do enjoy many such places. But I can read and comment on the news myself. What I cannot do is know how others live out their spirituality, their faith, and their commitment to God. That can only come through sites like this and others that I have listed, and I get my most notable boost from those sites that are the plainest and barest in terms of what they say. When someone likes something, they don't feel the need to hide it or apologize for it. Where one is not in perfect conformity with what every else thinks should be the way of the world--well, that makes the person and the blog and interesting place to visit. Personal and spiritual sites are the very best, from them I learn what it means "to work out my salvation in fear and trembling."

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