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Perhaps you have noticed that the pace of this blog is. . . well. . . let's be polite and say, "Lethargic." I've slowed down a lot--or so it seems. And yet, what has slowed down is my pace of posting and the raw, anxious gnawing that acompanied a day or two without a post. I came to the earth-shattering conclusion that most of what I had to share just wasn't all that important.

This liberating realization has yet to work its way into the rest of my life, and yet, I cannot but think that if it did, I, and those around me, would be far better off. By slowing down I have an opportunity to pick and choose amongst the inanities I would share with all. That means fewer inanities and a more patient reader population. (One must wonder about those who hang about waiting for the newest post, but one is grateful nevertheless that such maunderings have a following, no matter how small.)

So things go slowly, and I hope that I can move the slowness into matters that are far too rushed for me.

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