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Sometime in the course of this afternoon or evening, I realized that the post immeditately below this might be misread as an indictment against some in St. Blogs other than myself. If the Holy Spirit, convicts, so let it be; however, just so you know, it was written as a hedge against bad habits.

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Coming Soon. . .

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to a blogsite near you--the momentous, the stupendous, the calamitous, the outrageous, the truly astounding and wonderful Flos Carmeli meets the man behind Video meliora (stay tuned.)

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To Jeff


If you visit again, my sincere apologies to you. I'm sorry the conversation started so poorly and that I gave offense by my responses. No excuses, no equivocation, simply an apology and a request for your pardon, forgiveness, and prayers. And a sincere thanks for engaging in conversation as long as you did. You have taught me much in our brief exchange. You have been God's instrument and blessing to me today.

Patience 0
Steven's Usual 1

So now you've had an ample demonstration of why I needed to pray for it. I suppose I need to add in increase in charity and in its expression in kindness are also necessary additions. Thank you for showing me something that I would otherwise have been hard pressed to learn.

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