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We Interrupt this Program . . .


This is a test of the blogging alert system. Had there been a real blogging emergency you would have been told where to turn for information. Instead you get this bulletin:

NADA! tomorrow, as Wife, Sam, and the One who Writes, head out for the space coast for a day or so of homeschooling activities sponsored by KSC. Almost as exciting as this morning's furry lobster.

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I examined my practices for Lent to see if there were something more I could do. Early this morning as I woke, I realized that my desire to see what, if any, comments had been left on my blog, far outweighed my desire to start morning prayer or any prayer.

That being the case, I underwent a major internal battle to remove the comments from my posts. I considered how inhospitable it would appear, how ungracious, how discourteous, how. . . You name it. The bottom line was that I kept thinking of reasons not to remove the comments because obviously, I was ATTACHED to that lifeline. A sure sign that I needed to do something. So praying, and summoning the strength. . . .
From this point onward, I will be posting without the ability to comment. It's extremely important to remember that this is not because I do not value your comments or your presence, but because I value them far too much. I would rather be with you than be with God--and as wonderful as you all are, that is not the proper order of priorities. I must decrease so that He might increase.

So please forgive me for removing the comments boxes.

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. . . made what was to be covert, overt. Thanks Julie for your comment, but I have relegated that particularly entry to the limbo of the drafts from which it should never have escaped.

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Silence is Broken!


I'm back.

First, my thanks to all who prayed for us on our retreat. It was wonderful, and while it was very Carmelite, I will share with you some of the fruits of that retreat as seem appropriate and as the Spirit leads.

Second, my apologies to those who commented and did not receive a reply, but you understand the circumstances, and I thank you for all your wonderful comments.

Third--on with the blog.

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The Best is Silence

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If you don't hear much from me in the next few days, worry not, I'll be back to harass you. In fact, I'm going to a silent retreat, Spiritual Combat in the Carmelite Tradition. Please remember all the retreatants in your prayers and we'll remember you in ours.


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