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A Moratorium

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Sometimes the things we say and do have unintended consequences. It has so happened recently and so, for a time, I may be posting less--simply notes of interest in the E-book and natural world while I struggle with saying things that need to be said and refraining from those that do not.

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I have successfully implemented the suggestions initially reported by Talmida and then modified for MT by Jeff (The Curt Jester) in a comment to this post Unfortunately, because the text included real code, the parser actually reads it and you can't get the mods. If you e-mail me or Jeff, I can provide you with his original which I used for my modifications. Thank you, Jeff. I greatly appreciate it.

Next stop--'twould seem to me that a like strategy could be used for categories.

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A Gift Via Talmida

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The Lesser of Two Weevils: Look at my Sidebar!!

Talmida points us to a blog that teaches us some useful code--drop down lists. Haven't tried it yet on MT, but I should think that there would be little enough reason for it not to work, simply make the appropriate string substitutions. We shall see soon enough.

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