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On What You Don't See

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I was composing some notes on Lectio Divina inspired by Tom's post of the other day and suddenly it dawned on me--who am I to be composing notes on anything--it isn't as though I have any great insights that haven't been noted a million times before by people far better practiced and versed in this form of prayer.

It made me wonder, how often do I do this sort of thing? For the sake of my sanity and the stability of the blog I'm not even going to try to find the answer to that question.

You see, if it isn't some external crisis, I can conjure enough profound internal crises to plunge me into my semi-annual funk. I don't think I'll do that this year--it's tiresome and tedious and not conducive to my own mental health. So this is just to let you know what you've been spared.

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In case it hasn't already occurred to someone, it is my constant abiding goal to keep my right hand column longer than my left. However, with the influx and population surge in St. Blogs this is becoming progressively more difficult. But, despite the odds and the difficulties, I will do my best always to bring you the most and the longest, if not necessarily the best. My commitment is and will remain, a right-hand column to remember! (For length is nothing else.)

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Blogging is wonderful in that it provides breathing space one would not have in ordinary conversation. (Of course it is problematic because it does not allow for expression of nuance one would have in the course of face to face social intercourse.)

I was just by a place where some slapped at me with an off-hand insult. I wrote a response to the core of what they were saying and then a zippy stinger to slap their hand but good. And then, humility interceded and asked, "Why do you feel the need to say this?" The amazing all in one browser back button (or was it window close) did away with one more instance of unnecessary nastiness. Now, this nastiness probably wouldn't have occurred in ordinary conversation as people tend not to be nearly as abrasive in person as they feel they have some right to be in a comments box. But nevertheless, and this is an important point, you can always reconsider your position!

Delete button--the commenter's best friend.

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TSO who gave me my 3000th comment. Boy, certain things certainly are getting commented.

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I've probably said this before, but scouting through the blogworld tonight I am reminded of my central tenet in blogging.

The most interesting thing about a blogger is the person him or herself. There are many ways to tell people about who you are, but the most interesting way is simply to tell me something about your life. Not intimate details, thank you so very much. But moments--how your dog sleeps, what it looks like out your window right now, what you watch on television or listen to. All of these things are much more profoundly interesting to me than commentary on the news or politics. Of course, I learn much from these as well, but I learn the diversity of being human, being Catholic, being a parent from those bloggers who are willing to share from their experiences. I also admire the boldly opinated--Talmida, Nathan, and Erik. I like people with the courage of their convictions even if we might not see eye-to-eye on everything--sorry Erik no monarchy constitutional or otherwise. Differences of opinion add spice so long as they are shared charitably.

So, be yourself, write who you are and don't be afraid to be. I know I'm not and God knows you've been with me long enough to know that you can expect just about anything from the appallingly idiotic to well the somewhat-less-appallingly idiotic. As Dorothy Parker commented about Katherine Hepburn's performance in a play called "The Lake"--"She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B." Yep! Vers-a-tile describes me to a T! If I don't slap you upside the head with God one way, I'll find another.

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No, no quiz. I just decided to stake a claim before it all became the rage. So--if my blog were to be compared to a composer I would most like it to be compared to:

Wait, a moment of suspense. Perhaps I should list my reasons why before I tell you who?

My all-time favorite composer--able to capture light in music in ways unattained since--truly the symboliste or imagiste of the musical worlds. His music is the perfect accompaniment to impressionism, post-impressionism, and imagist and symbolist poetry. It even goes well with Rene Magritte and Yves Tanguy (less so with Dali, who is much more de Falla or Granados.)

Given that the imagist school is one that I love dearly and which I have followed in much of my own writing (though, of course, not in every detail). I am pleased to announce that the composer I would most like to be compared to is

Yes indeed, Claude Debussy.

Okay, now y'all can choose your own.

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