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A Momentary Taste of Being


Probably shouldn't be posting today in consideration of the day; however, my brain has had a moment to decompress, and so I'm inclined to put some stuff up. Probably not much because I have to be about our various Christmas decorations. But something more.

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An Apology and a Thank You


First an apology.

Work is intense. I don't know how often I will be able to post as I'm working 14-16 hour days of late and this will continue for some time. I grab a moment here or there when I probably shouldn't, but it won't be much. Thus, please excuse both the paucity of posting and an even-worse-than-usual proofreading and correction cycle.

Second, a thanks to all who participated in the disucssion generted by TSO's remarkable post. I love it, I would love for it to continue. Great stuff from great minds. I may not be a center of controversy myself, but I sure can identify what they look like.

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