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Comment Deletion

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Not that I need to say this, but I have recently deleted two comments for arrogance, rudeness, aggressive belligerence, and above all for simple discourtesy. No one has a right or an obligation to correct misconception with anything other than reasoned argumentation and courtesy. I will tolerate a great diversity of opinions. I will NOT tolerate in any way discourtesy to any who visit here.

If one feels the need to make discourteous comments about others, it were best that one started one's own blog where one might say anything one wished and where I might avoid one at all costs. All future such comments will also be deleted. "Freedom of the press belongs to him as has one."

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Please Forgive the Delay


in posting while recovery from Hurricane Jeanne continues. Lot's more damage all around us, and yet the storm seemed mostly to pass us by. I'm very grateful and busy with work-at-home, home-schooling while Sam is out of school, and assisting the neighbors with clean-up and recovery. Next major investment--hurricane shutters. Pray that Lisa continues on her formally predicted path away from us.

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