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Skimpy Posting Ahead

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I'll try to post some today; however, the near future is a bit bleak for posting as I will be taking a trip to consult with a number of regional directors and regional formation directors in Darien, Illinois. Please pray for all of us who gather there for a spirit of obedience and charity as we pray together and talk together to make the Carmelite vocation of all of our members stronger and more fruitful.

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Future Posting


I still have much to say about Venice, and about yesterday's amazing occurences; however, I am again short of time. I will try to get to these this evening. Venice may have to wait until I have explored its contours in poetry, but yesterday's events would give rise only to bad occasional poetry, so I'll go ahead and talk about that.

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Late Start Today


I'll try to post some entries tonight. Perhaps some Philip Gulley and some other reflections on such things as Kindergarten graduations.

Praise God!

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Posting Lilkely to be Sparse


If things are rather slender in the next couple of weeks, have no fear. Increased pace at work, plus a major discernment "project" and preparation for an as yet undefined "something." I know that all seems needlessly obscure, but believe me, when I figure out what's going on you'll be in on it as well. The Lord is speaking, I'm just not hearing very well right now. Please continue to pray for me, and as I said, if things are light, it is not particularly indicative.

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Breaking Bad Habits


I am making an effort to break out of writing in the firs person plural. This will mean some pronounced awkwardnesses in posts as I revise them as originally written to say what I want to say in first person or perhaps third person. Please bear with me. Don't know how I lapsed into the habit anyway--except, perhaps, as a way of not having "I" here so much. (And more than a little as a way of salving my conscience as I consider all those in the same boat with me. But the reality is, as you all well know, I cannot speak for "we" I can only speak for me.)

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