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Lent Is in the Air


I see already the signs of Lent upon St. Blogs. Comments are slowing down, posts are drying up. I haven't heard anyone swear off blogging, but I know that is just around the corner. (Or perhaps I've simply overlooked it in my rounds of the day.) Well as usual, I will redouble my efforts in Lent and will attempt to share some of the things that God brings to my attention. I will dedicate myself to using the blog to foster a prayerful approach to God and a joyous reception of Him wherever we may find Him. And I want this to be a constant reminder of his unrelenting love-- a spring-tide that knows no neap, a flo that has no ebb. His love is a torrent, a rushing, raging, ravenous, all-consuming embrace of endless delight and joy. It is this fire that makes the greatest mind of Christendom say, "All my words are as straw." It is this that draws us to say, "My God and My All."

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