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On the Carmelite Congress

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I have not forgotten my promise to post materials from the Carmelite congress. I received a request this weekend regarding those posts. The first was received with such resounding silence and there were so many things on my mind that frankly, it completely slipped my mind to continue posting. This will serve a dual purpose of getting my notes in order and informing those who are interested about what transpired. Look for more in the near future.

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Coming Up, I Hope

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No time this morning. But later today, I hope--insights from Barbara Dent(My Only Friend is Darkness) and Abbot Vonier on the signification of the Eucharist.

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Spam Attack


Suffered a huge spam attack in the comments. Took precautions this time and our wise web-master has installed MT-Blacklist which allows a one-step removal of the spam comments. Interestingly the spam strikes posts no one is likely to read any more. For example, I had to search the first 1000 entries before most of them were caught and deleted.

Originally I arrived at my editing page delighted that an apparent conversation was occurring (after all there was an increase of about 20 comments), but, alas, it was spam. The harsh way of the web-world.

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A Hiatus, Please Pray

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Please pray for me and for my OCDS brothers and sisters as we gather this weekend in Tampa for a large-group meeting. I sha'n't be posting much (if anything) during the next few days as I do not have a traveling computer other than my PDA (and I don't do Web-stuff on it). So just a notice.

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After the recent invasion of the Blogroll and its implications for my visitors, I removed it from my site. As a result, I have slowly managed to add back in the sites I visit on a more-or-less routine basis. I'm still missing a few I cherish and can't seem to find my way back to. If John Bell is still visiting, please leave me a link so I can find my way back. I also have one in Japan that I need to find and am uncertain how--although I think the link was on Mr. Bell's site.

Also if anyone else notices that their name is lacking on my list and it was there before, drop me a line and I'll be happy to add it back in.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I appreciate all the help.

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Thanks for the Information


To all who replied to the post and comments below on economic justice. I will try to find some of those resources and adjust my living style to better reify the gospel message and the Church's teaching on social and economic justice.

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