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Rose Hawthorne Lathorp


Rose Hawthorne Lathorp

The following is excerpted from a Gutenberg edition of one books of Ms. Lathorp's poetry.

from Along the Shore Rose Hawthorne Lathorp


Somewhere, somewhere in this heart
There lies a jewel from the sea,
Or from a rock, or from the sand,
Or dropped from heaven wondrously.

Oh, burn, my jewel, in my glance!
Oh, shimmer on my lips in prayer!
Light my love's eyes to read my soul,
Which, wrapt in ashes, yet is fair!

When dead I lie, forgotten, deep
Within the earth and sunken past,
Still shall my jewel light my dust,--
The worth God gives us, first and last!

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An Addendum to Lee Ann


Who recently republished a very lengthy and good series of posts on poetry, the majority of which I concur with.

However, the list of worthwhile poets (extending back to Blake) probably needs qualification because it excludes the now infamous, and not lately mentioned Glorious Seventeenth Century.

So to Lee Ann's group of necessary, interesting, and powerful poets we add the following:

John Donne--surprisingly modern in his concerns, some techniques and concerns. And yet stolidly metaphysical in rejecting the spirit/body dichotomy espoused by the Puritans and so blatantly affecting culture today and making it the somewhat schizophrenic qualities it has.

Henry Vaughn What can one say about the poet who "saw eternity the other night, like a ring of pure and endless light."

Richard Crashaw

Oh, let's face it-- the entire Luminarium set.

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