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Does Anyone Really Care. .


Does Anyone Really Care. . .
what I'm reading? I doubt it. But I see side columns at other bloggers places and I know I'm always interested. I used to maintain a side column here, but with my ever lengthening lists, and the possibility of new additions (Paleontology and Poetry), I think it is probably better for me to mention from time to time things I am reading.

Present reading includes: Suzanne Skees God Among the Shakers, Rohinton Mistry Family MattersIsabelle Allende Daughter of Fortune and House of the Spirits, and innumerable things into which I dip from time to time such as Chesterton's Heretics and Pearce's Wisdom and Innocence and Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables. I'm anxiously awaiting the previously reported Italian Hours so that I can put it on my palm and have another Henry James to read along with the longstanding Portrait of a Lady. Naturally none of these proceeds very rapidly as I juggle from one to another between glimpses of the Extended Tolkien. But all in due time.

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