A Martian Odyssey and other E-Text Delights

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Surprised and delighted to find it available online here

Not a fan of G.K. Chesterton's poetry, but for those who are The Wild Night and Other Poems

Flaubert's Trois Contes including the remarkable "Un Coeur Simple" and " La Légende de St. Julien L'Hosptialier"

A lesser known Weinbaum story "Valley of Dreams"

Johnson's Essays from The Adventurer and The Idler

This link contains selections of the Red Book of Hergest and the Black Book of Caermaerthen (or sometimes spelled Caer Myrddin) as well as the book of Taliessin and Aneurin. Thus the four so-called Ancient Books of Wales. See Charles Williams The Arthurian Torso for more exposition.

And here Lady Guest's translation of The Mabinogion including some of the earliest known Welsh sources for the Arthurian legend.

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Um...are you cleaning house and giving away all your good links in preparation to leave, or are you rethinking (I hope!) your plans, and deciding that staying is not so bad, and affords good opportunity to be among those who appreciate and love the presence of Christ they see in you?

Dear Writer,

Perhaps more of the latter than of the former. I am praying and discerning and proper attention to the daily details is one of the best ways to determine one's direction. Thank you very much for your kind words.



My apologies. The unnamed "writer" is me. (I wasn't trying to be shy. It was only forgetfulness brought on by some emotion.)

I do hope you'll reconsider your urge to stop writing. Even the most prolific of Carmelite writers didn't muzzle themselves, and they would be the first ones to admit their sinfulness. One needn't be a saint to post a blog. In fact, I doubt I'd read it. I want to hear struggle and reality; hope, humility and holiness tinged with humanity.

Amyway, there's my two cents more. If I keep bugging you like this, you might muzzle me, so I'll stop, and start praying. (I'm writing this with great good cheer and hope here...)



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