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Reiterating Peony's request below and giving it is full importance:

Please remember the victims of the terrorist attack in Madrid (170 dead, 600 wounded).

And the families affected. Pray particularly for the safety of St. Blogs member Jesus and his entire family and circle of friends.

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Will pray.

I heard the wounded us up over 1,000 now. :(

So sad. I've blogged some thoughts as to who the culprit is, if anyone's interested.

Thanks for prayers. Indeed, heartwrenching. We had a minor scare as brother-in-law went thru Atocha train station just ahead of first bombs. Now saying over 1400 wounded, 190 dead, and many of the wounded not expected to make it. From a friend in the Archdioces, priests have been called in from all over. All masses today have made mention of the victims, and prayers said for their souls. There was a special mass at 7pm in Madridīs Almudena Cathedral.

Dear Marc,

I tend to agree, though I know nothing of the politics in Spain to have any informed opinion.


Just as 9/11 for the United States. If there are a thousand injured and two-hundred dead there must be tremendously great mourning. A prayer for each of them, even if only briefly lighting on each one's life.

My heart goes out to you and to the people of the city and the nation you love.





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