On Abbot Vonier and other things


As Tom promised a little while ago, he has begun to comment on Abbot Vonier, and I recommend his comments to your attention. (You may need to scroll down as direct linking seems to be on the fritz right now--it's the post with A Key in the title).

Then make a point of reading all the posts above the one indicated and remembering to thank God in prayer that we have such a one in the community of St. Blogs. Tom is an immeasurable treasure (don't tell him I told you) and we are indeed fortunate that he is generous enough to share his gifts with us. Last Lent, I think he went on a blogging break and I just about went insane--a good thing Dylan was around at the time.

And speaking of Dylan--make certain you all are mentioning him every single day. We got Karen back through prayer, and now I want Dylan back, and if I don't get what I want, I will, like the Carmelite I am, sit down and pray about it some more. May not change God's mind, but it sure makes me feel a lot better.

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