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A very fine, it seems quite fair analysis of the St. Blogs community. (via Sursum Corda) While the person writing seems to intimate that traditionalism is largely a "negative response" to a perceived problem, much of what she has to say about the community is both fair and clear-sighted. It's refreshing to have an outside viewpoint. And equally refreshing is to find someone who ventured so far and wide within the community. She doesn't refer to everyone by name, but it is evident that she has seen a fair share of what we do here, and perhaps we would do well to consider her point about St. Blogs as evangelism.

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Not bad. I don't really regret that Commonweal is less visible though. :)

The thing known is in the knower according to the mode of the knower. When you glance at a thing as complicated as St. Blog's, what you notice is what you find strongly attractive and strongly repellant.

A Commonweal enthusiast is certainly likely to see more that is repellant than attractive in St. Blog's.

As always, you are very charitable and see the best in what the author wrote. Thank you for being that kind of person.



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