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No matter how one may regard the movie, something of this nature is magnificent and wonderful beyond words. I don't know Mr. Gibson's involvement in the interprise, but simply by allowing images from his work of art to be used Mr. Gibson demonstrates the fullness of heart that gave rise to the film. For him, it is obvious, there is a passionate interest in the saving of souls. First he blesses us with a film that is a moving, iconic experience for a great many. And then he blesses us by properly allowing that work of art to be used to assist many lost souls on the way to salvation. What a tremendous, powerful witness and what an example of evangelism.

A colleague at work brought a couple of the pamphlets distributed by this group in for me to see. They are well done and as moving in some ways as the film, constantly coming back to the theme of our redemption and of Christ's great love for us. They are of a different Christian tradition than our own, but they are doing the work of winning souls to Christ. It is my prayer that by posting this message a visitor who drops in looking for whatever odd thing may have led them here discovers the wonders of Christ's love through this outreach. If I only serve to point the way to others who can help bring one soul to Jesus, I have fulfilled a great purpose in God's plan.

Truly, Mr. Gibson seems to try to live out the fullness of St. Teresa Benedicta's imperative to artists--not just to portray, but to live out the Passion itself. His passionate love should be an example to all of us. This truly calls from the depths of the heart a true thanksgiving to God for the gift He has bestowed upon us both in the film and in the witness of the filmmaker.

(P.S. Take a look at the quotes from Church leaders to get a sense of the breadth of this campaign. )

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