A Nightmare in the Making


T.S. O'Rama (q.v. for some amusing comments) directs our attention to this suggested design for a church in Napled, FL. for Ave Maria University. I can't begin to enumerate the problems with this, but I'll try.

1. First strong wind (and there's a goodly number of them here in Florida) the Crystal Palace will be reduced to Our Lady of the Pointy Shards. (How did this thing ever meet code in South Florida?)

2. I work in a glass building. It is never the right temperature. In summer we are all using space heaters and wearing sweaters int he morning and stripped down to our shorts (figuratively) in the afternoon.

3. It's just not very attractive for a church. I like opening the Church up to take in all creation, but I've seen better and more sensible ways to do it.

I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens with it. I'll pray for its success and for me to be, as is more often true than not, completely in the wrong.

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