Entering the Dark Night

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I haven't even begun to, and I won't make any pretensions of the sort. I have read much about it, but from experience have no inkling. Although I may have started understanding in a more profound way. All these fine thoughts and sentiments must be crucified and go the way of all flesh until what I desire is entirely and only what God desires for me. Even desiring Him is of my own making and so that desire must be transformed into His desire for me. That is, presently my longing is MY longing. In that dark night, MY longing for Him will be transformed into Jesus's longing on the cross. There will no longer be an I but it will be God within me speaking back to God. I will truly become His servant because I will have become His house. He will dwell in me in a substantial way for all to see. Assuming of course I will to stay the course.

But I ask, and not rhetorically, what other course is there? Where else is there to go? You, Lord, have the words of eternal life--only in you may I be transformed in such a way as to enter eternal life.

All of these are intellectual recognitions. So with the grace of God I must start up again that slippery slope of Mount Carmel, relying entirely on grace, and more on the pull of love that wishes me up that slope. I cannot detach from things around me by my own will. Even the notion of detachment, of leaving behind, of moving upward becomes in its own way an attachment. So I must look at the Father with the intensity of love that I have for the son He gave me and receive that love back. I must dwell in His love and take the elevator to the Father--the elevator of His loving embrace. Because I know for certain that He desires all of His children to ask and to be invited into the circle of His arms. They are open for us all, and His great heart aches and bleeds so long as there is a single one of us outside that loving embrace.

Look at your children and realize the intensity of what is there in your heart and turn that gaze to your Father, loving Him beyond the limits you thought possible. Ask and it shall be answered, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened. Or better yet, the Father awaits the return of the prodigal, watching with careful eye for any sign of his return. And as we make the slightest turn, He bounds out from his palace from the greatness of His throneroom to embrace us and bring us home.

And so I hope I see a sign of turning, and I pray this heart of stone becomes a heart of flesh for Him to do with as He wills. I start by wanting to give all to the Father all the intensity of who am I and what I am capable of doing and feeling, I will to be His. And next, I wait and fast and pray. I thank God for the season almost upon us. Perhaps this awakening or partial awakening is a small indication of what He wants for me this Lent. Please pray for me.

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Just don't give up blogging!

Dear Kathy,

Don't worry, I'm not nearly so far along in prayer yet that I can give up writing my prayers. I'll be blogging for a while. But thank you for the encouragement.



I will be fervently praying for you. Thank you for this beautiful reflection.
Please pray for me also, as I approach the foothills of Mount Carmel, you there on the slopes. As I wait upon the Lord, still full (frustratingly) of my own thoughts, desires and will, I take comfort in the fact that He is at work in my soul, deep below the levels of my awareness. Daily I struggle to do my feeble little part, and rejoice at my failures, my own littleness and crumminess, because I know that when "I" die, I will surely know that it is none of my doing. How I long for even my longing and my thoughts to be mercifully taken from me!
How right you are: To desire only His desire for my life. If I have consolation, bless the Lord and be content. If I have none, bless the Lord and be content. Health or sickness. Spiritual union or terrible dryness. Nothing really matters if I desire only what He desires for me and am open to it.
I am praying for you. Please pray for me.



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