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As many predicted, Samuel is taking this all in stride, although he has a disconcerting way of talking about Linda's sister (who died a couple of years ago) and other dead people he has known or that he knows of. As far as he's concerned, Mommy's absence simply means that he gets to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed--so there's little trauma.

And no word yet as to the extent of the stay or the real purpose. Linda tends not to tell me things, thinking, perhaps that it would be less worrisome. . .

I'll try to answer e-mails, but I'm sure you'll understand if I am slow about it.

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I can understand her not wanting to worry you by keeping things vague, but I also learned (the hard way!) that I needed to tell my husband as much as he could understand about stuff like that. Of course, it is harder for me because I know too darn much stuff medically, and tend to anticipate the worst. Prayers continue.

Yes, Steven. I am praying vociferously!

Might you offer up a bit of your anguish for the souls of my 8th grade CCD class? Though many are receptive, many are completely oblivious and unconcerned about the Lord.

Please pray for them (next week is my final week teaching). Pray also for the efficacy of their new teacher. May she do better than I did at keeping order!

Hi Steven,
I'm not sure if this will be helpful at all but I wanted to share with you an experience I had. A few years ago I was pregnant and in the hospital with a life threatening illness and my experience of the hospital was A) I felt safe and secure in the hospital and therefore did not fully realize the danger I was in. People around me were concerned, some even crying but for me I felt comfortable and safe. It wasn't until six months later that I fully realized that I could have died. I think God protected me from that knowledge. B) I found myself taking care of the people in my life as they came to visit. This was a natural thing and not burdensome at all. The person who is sick has a very different perspective of things. A patient who is a mother and wife, in particular, can't stop from being nurturing in fact getting so much attention seems weird. C) I got a much-needed rest and felt happy that we had outside help. Up until the time I was admitted I felt overwhelmed and unable to do all that needed to be done. Being admitted to the hospital gave me quite a relief. I think it was just the opposite for my husband, though. For him things got more tense after I went in. D) The kids got more attention and love than they got when I was well. They didn't seem worried about me nor did they realize how sick I was and D) Looking back it was the greatest time of grace for us. It was truly a turning point in our marriage and in our Christian walk. I didn't even know that we needed some of things we needed until we went through that time together.

I hope something I've said helps life your burden, even slightly. You and your family remain in our prayers.

In Christ, Mary

Still praying, Steven.

Remember to keep your eyes on Jesus, and He who is altogether lovely will feed your soul in secret, hidden perhaps, even from your own perceptions.

"All is grace"



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