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For Dylan, as it turns out, his status did not change as expected. Please pray for a complete recovery.

For Katherine's Mom that the chemotherapy is a relatively easy course.

For Chris Keith, who suffered greatly through her biopsy, nearly dying, and who awaits the results of that biopsy. Please pray that the biopsy reveal nothing that modern medicine cannot contend with

For Davey's Mom's friend who is having another child shortly that her labor and birth be easy and light and both mother and child come through it safely.

For Katherine and Franklin, Christine and Gordon, Janet and Louis, and for all who are seeking employment and suffering through difficult times as they wait.

For the men and women of the American Armed forces who will not be able to spend this holiday season with their families, that this may nevertheless be a season of "comfort and joy" beyond their greatest expectations.

For Jane, Janet, Shirley, and for all for whom this season of the Nativity is a time of hardship and difficulty because of the pain of the past.

For Linda, Samuel, and me.

Thanks for your faithfulness in prayer. Please add your prayers by mentioning them in the comment box.

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There's a story about a little boy named Ramon who was brought to the U.S. for surgery that begins today. Here's a link. His mother says, "He doesn't have much time left ... Could God grant me a miracle?" Please pray.

As we pray, let us remember that God is far more concerned with the welfare of the soul than of the body. He often uses physical illness as a means of purification and perfection of the soul, which is 1000 times more precious than the body. The most pleasing thing we can do for God at such times is to *trust* Him with absolute abandon, not giving in to the temptation of fear, which is a snare laid by the enemy. Although we can lay our needs before God, the best thing to pray for is that His will be done--and that we accept His will with equanimity, and even joy.



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