The Unraveling Continued

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This is a terrible sign of where the Episcopalian communion is headed. Children no longer receiving religious preparation and the Bishop asked to forego his annual visit for the conferral of confirmation. I know that there are parts of St. Blog's that are nearly ecstatic over this sad division, but I can't muster up much of any enthusiasm for yet another rending of the body of Christ. It is another sad wound that may bring some into the Catholic Church but is more likely to alienate a great many from going to church altogether. Even if the communion is imperfect, it is still part of the Body of Christ and this is a wrenching and terrible spectacle.

However, even so, one must recognize that God has permitted this for whatever reason. We must pray for the good that can come out of it.

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I couldn't agree with you more on this. There but for the grace of God goes the Church. There is nothing in the ECUSA mess that any Christian should be gleeful, or gloatful, about.

Ron M

It is sad, but not unexpected. And the Lord can bring great good out of evil...

Excuse the bit of sidenote, but there is hope. I for one, keep hoping to see Bishop Henry Scriven from Pittsburg step forward. I know him personally, as he was my vicar years ago here in Madrid, and I know the Anglican Church needs many more men like him.

As a sidenote...Bishop Henry was so well thought of here in Spain, that he was allowed by many Catholic priests to celebrate services with them. I actually witnessed one Wedding Mass where the local priest asked "gave him" too much of a role.

I agree that further division is a sad. The whole situation is very troubling. It makes you wonder how far people will go to custom fit their faith. I would guess that perhaps people rejoice because they really want full unity again and they see the crumbling of this or that church as a sign of hope. They hope that the first divisions will fail and somehow God will bring them back into unity.

Btw, this is my first visit to your blog. you have done a wonderful job with it!

In Christ, Mary

We have some good friends who were Episcopalian, and they recently joined a more 'Protestant' church. Something like a Vineyard church (sorry that I don't have specifics). He was born & raised Catholic, she was born & raised Episcopal. He found the Episcopal church familiar & welcoming (a good 15 years ago).

These sorts of splits in churches can be painful for a lot of folks.



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