What Can Be Learned From


What Can Be Learned From a Footnote

A fascinating understanding of the true damage of modernism and its associated Biblical scholars from a footnote:

from Mystics Evelyn Underhill

In the great dynamic vision which marks the consecration of Isaiah (Isa, vi.) we have the evident record under pictorial imagery of a mystical experience of God of the highest order.*

*Rudolf Otto, Das Heilige regards this as one of the greatest of all descriptions of man's apprehension of the Divine. We may compare the opinion of those Biblical critics who consider that it describes a heavy thunderstorm, in the course of which Isaiah became unnerved.

Isn't modernist and postmodernist Biblical Scholarship wonderful? Don't you wish we had more Jesus Seminars? Look at the wonderful insights into scripture that we are missing as a result of not partaking more fully of the great wisdom that springs from those deconstructing poetry and dismantling the Divine.

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