Two Excerpts from Alban Goodier


Two Excerpts from Alban Goodier

One dedicated to a Nostalgiac dylan:

from Spiritual Excellence--"Live in the Present" Fr. Alban Goodier, S.J.

Meanwhile the present alone is ours and we let it slip through our fingers. The past is gone, whether for evil or for good, to be stored up in better hands than ours. The future still belongs to God alone; and it is not the least of His wonderful mercies that He keeps it entirely to Himself. It is what I am now, not what I have been or shall be, it is what I do now, not what I have done or shall do, that here and now matters most to me, to God, and to all the world besides.

Or to quote the Man of the Day (who had the great good taste to be born and die on the same date in different years)--

"All our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. . ."

(Isn't this a great deal of fuss to kick up over a mild reminiscence of a defunct blog. On the other hand, what other excuse would I have for posting this wonderful tidbit?)

The second fondly dedicated to two more of my favorite bloggers:

from Spiritual Excellence (pgs. 123 and 130) Alban Goodier

"Jesus, therefore," says St. John the Evangelist, par excellence, of the troubles of our Lord, "when He saw her [Mary] weeping, groaned in the spirit, and troubled Himself." He is troubled at the trouble of those around Him. His sympathy for them makes Him "groan in the spirit." He is troubled at the loss of a friend, even though He knows that He is going to bring him back to life.. . .

There are troubles from without and troubles from within that are consistent with perfection. To kill the power of feeling these troubles, to put ourselves, in this sense, beyond the reach of trouble, may be very good philosophy--let philosophers look to that!--but it is no special imitation of our Lord and His Mother. To be troubled at the loss of a friend is possible for a saint; to be above such trouble means, if anything, something on the other side.

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