My Lenten Practice I was


My Lenten Practice

I was afraid to say anything because I wasn't sure it would be possible, but after a couple of days it appears that it may and I would like to offer my aid in prayer and fasting to any who need it. I plan to observe a fairly strict daytime fast every day of Lent (except perhaps Sunday). Most days this will be nothing but my usual green tea in the morning. I may moderate this to a "Catholic Fast" (which one of my friends said, "That's not a fast, it's weight-watchers.") on very stressful or very busy days when I need to force a break in the day. So, please let me know how I can pray for you and offer this for the benefit of all.

Also, it appears that my circumstances have changed in such a way as I will no longer be able to attend daily Mass, and this is great hardship--appropriate, I suppose for an Lenten observance that God gives me this gift. Please pray for me as there may be a way to manage some days of attending Mass, but it is all in God's hands.

Also, I am fasting from any form of sweets other than fruit or yogurt. This invariably leads to strong mood changes--so if I bark at you, consider it chocolate deprivation--but this is a good deprivation that, with the grace of God will continue long after Lent--a necessary detachment.

So, let these small sacrifices work for you. I will be delighted to pray for anyone who needs it, just drop me a line.

Finally, I will be refraining (though not eliminating) comments in other people's comment boxes for the time of Lent. This is one of the places where the Seventeen Evidences really haunt me. So, I'm not being anti-social--in fact, I'm attempting, with God's aid, to be more charitable.

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