Early Measures and What They


Early Measures and What They Tell Me

Since Ash Wednesday, I've seen a precipitous drop in both visitors and participation. Those who were wont to make comments before, still do comment, but many who have done so have reduced their comments. This tells me that many have decided to ration time on the Web (very commendable, and very wise). Futher, I suspect the drop in numbers is not a real drop, but a drop in repeat visits in the course of a day, so the present numbers are probably more representative of the actual audience in the course of a day. I would guestimate that between 15 and 30% of my visitors are people looking for something they either will not find or they will not be happy with once they do find it.

The stunning conclusion of all of this? Well, it seems that the majority of my visitors who are actually reading are St. Blog's parishioners, and that the majority of St. Blog's does stop by ocassionally.

More analysis from a mind hungry for God and numbers.

(Not so hungry however that I gave any mind to 03/03/03 at 3:33--after all, oughtn't we to be praying constantly?)

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