Warriors for Christ I have


Warriors for Christ

I have always hated that terminology, that mindset, that way of looking at things. And yet it is one that is most appropriate. We must be warriors for Christ--warriors of Love, absolutely uncompromising in the message of God's love for each of His children. We must abandon our own way and follow completely and explicitly the way of the Lord. We must receive our marching orders and then we must act. We must reach out in prayer and in fact to each person who has been left along the side of the road, casualties of our society and of the War in Heaven. Each of our abandoned brothers and sisters calls to us and reaches out for us. We have no right, no time, no ability to say, "Wait, I'll get someone to help." We must be their help. Through the Holy Spirit, we must be their strength. We are God's chosen people, and by that "we" I mean every person on Earth--now, working in God's will, we must make that reality rather than mere words.

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