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The Little Flower

A commenter remarked that the saccharine devotions and songs to the Little Flower largely poisoned any possible devotion she might have for this great saint. I truly understand that. For the longest time I thought St. Thérèse was a holy wimp, and simpering doormat and a syrupy fool--her devotees seemed like a bunch of grade-school children waiting around for a shower of roses to fall on them, and I half-wished they would--thorns and all. Thank goodness God was more gentle with me than I with them.

The only remedy for the poison of misled devotees is to know the Saint for yourself. Abandon all of her followers and talk directly to her, most particularly in the ninth through eleventh chapters of her Autobiography. (Get the translation from the Institute of Carmelite studies--the only one that does justice to this magnificent work of spirituality). The earlier chapters of the Autobiography present their own difficulties, but these later chapters are a gem. If you are disinclined to this work, get Maurice and Thérèse a compelling, beautiful, and deeply moving book of the correspondence between Thérèse and a brother missionary priest.

Come to know Thérèse and you will be glad that you have done so. Her message for all of us is the reification of the Father's love as a loving father. He is not distant and He does not withhold his bountiful Love--Jesus Christ, our Salvation.

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