My Promise to You All


Everyone who visits here is a blessing to me. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is encouraged to comment, and correct. I would hope that I do not err so badly as to provoke incivility (it hasn't happened very often--once that I can think of, some time ago). (From the tenor of this one might conclude that I was Episcopalian--the most gracious and most civil and pleasant of all of the faiths--but I'm not.) There is ample room for serious disagreement and serious engagement. And I promise all of you that I will do my very best to treat you all as the Lord has commanded, with respect, with love, and with tender care for your dignity and persons. If I am angered or otherwise aggravated, I will contact you privately and I will not make a public spectacle of it. I want this to be a place of serenity and even of some mid-level disagreement over things that are not central to our faith. And if I have offended by word or deed, first accept my sincere apologies, but also feel free to let me know by e-mail, it will go no farther than myself, and being one seeking detachment, I will appreciate the lesson in humility. (See, you have a Golden Opportunity to be Our Lord's instruments of Mercy.) I've already had several, and I will need countless more. And I want everyone to feel at home and feel comfortable talking to me as they see fit. I'm actually relatively difficult to offend so long as you aren't hawking anti-Catholic wares--so please, pull up a chair, pour yourself whatever you're drinking and rest awhile. I'd like to think that we have here "a momentary taste of being from the well amid the waste." Or at least a second-rate watering hole.

Our Lord's Shalom to all who visit.

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