Blood Oranges A fabuously rare


Blood Oranges

A fabuously rare fruit in northern climes. Or at least it used to be. In my entire time I don't recall setting my eyes upon one, unless you count John Hawkes's book of that title. But they are in season in Florida now, and they are wonderful, a taste of heaven. Much like an orange, though I don't think they ever sweeten. The flesh remains tart and if the climate is right "becomes bloody" as a much admired friend terms it. The skin is orange but the inside is deep, dark red, and the taste is unimaginable and wonderful. Oh, I was born to be a tropical boy--here I revel in the land of guavas, blood oranges, mangoes, papayas, and perhaps most wonderful of all key limes--the juice of which is extracted for that most delectable of confections. Glory be to God for exotic tastes.

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