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The Paths of St. Blog's Are More Heavily Trodden

I have noted a phenomenon of numbers that I have thought much about and concluded represents something different than what I had initially posited. Starting about the end of November, beginning of December the average weekly number of hits on this blog increased dramatically, by that I mean an approximately 33% boost in readership. Now, of course I attributed this to the sterling prose and fine good sense always exhibited by the ever-modest blogmaster. However, I have concluded that this result is merely a result all are probably experiencing because the blogoverse, like the true Einsteinian Space-Time it is, is expanding due to publicity, interest, or any combination of factors. I am receiving some of the benefit of increasing overall traffic.

To understand the conclusion, you must follow my line of thought. When I started keeping track of numbers I made an assumption that the audience would slowly grow to a point where I had finally gathered all who were interested and then it would plateau. Numbers for September, October, and early November supported this contention. I assumed I had whatever would constitute my regular visitors and that would be my audience. Late November showed a large increase, and so too with December and January. My only conclusion--a large influx of visitors brought by way of articles in popular media including the Web.

All of this by way of saying, be on your best behavior, we have new visitors all the time, and their picture of Christianity may in some part be drawn from what is going on here. (Although, I must say, I doubt explorers of Christianity spend much time stumbling through blogs; however, one can never tell where the seeds one plants--be they good or bad--are likely to sprout.) As I am ALWAYS on my best behavior I consider myself exempt from my own advice. :-D!!

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