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As It Has Already Been a Ranting Day--Cautions to St. Blog's

I don't know how I overlooked this wonderful post by Mr. Gil of Ibidem. Please make the time to consider this carefully. I think it has some wonderful advice for us all.

Part of my lengthy response to Mr. Gil:

I agree with all that you say and think that we need to heal division and heal the trauma done the Church by well-intentioned individuals. Ms. Knapp, some time back, posted in a similar vein asking us to accept our Catholic Brethren as brethren.

I have many disagreements with some on some issues that are fairly important in human terms, but so long as the person I am debating with says and lives that "Jesus is the center of my life and the crown of my existence," I can live with our disagreements.

I think particularly of a wonderful woman in my parish who attends Mass every day, has an obvious devotion to and love for Our Lord, and desires every bit as much as I do to carry that love out to the whole world--yet she thinks that there should be women priests and that priests should be married. She disagrees on matters of concern and importance, I will never agree or concur with her there, but I will love her and I will love the beautiful devotion to Our Lord that she shows through her prayers and through her corporal works of mercy. I doubt seriously that St. Peter or Jesus will be standing at the gates of heaven and say, "Well, I see that you fed, clothed, provided shelter for and nursed the poor of your parish, but you DID think there should be female priests--begone from here."

Thanks to Tom Abbott of Goodform for pointing it out. (You might consider going there and reading his breakfast post--very interesting and a sign of some of the good that can come out of blogging.)

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