The Fascination of Diaries I


The Fascination of Diaries

I trust you are all stopping occasionally to view the Pepys Diary online. Remarkable document. Throughtout will see the phrase "and so to bed" with such frequency that it could almost serve as a subtitle for the diaries.

So too with the Diaries of William Byrd of Westover, one of the FFV, and a remarkable document in its own right--written I believe in a coded script that had been left undeciphered until the middle 1930s (though I could be mistaken in this) and approximately contemporaneous with Pepys (perhaps a few years later). There we have the phrase, "I danced my little dance" along with a great many phrases to denote amatory dalliances with the diarist's wife. The two of them make for great reading side by side--pictures of almost exact opposites--city life in England, and rural life in the New World. If you have the opportunity, enjoy Pepys--Byrd you will have to seek out on your own.

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