More on Rahner Whatever the


More on Rahner

Whatever the end result of his theology, whatever his accuracy or lack thereof in speculation, a very generous, relatively quiet visitor to St. Blog's kindly enriched my life with the following:

from Encounters with Silence Chapter 6: God of My Daily Routine Karl Rahner, S.J.

I should like to bring the routine of my daily life before You, O Lord, to discuss the long days and tedious hours that are filled with everything but You.

Look at this routine, O God of Mildness. Look upon men, who are practically nothing else but routine. In Your loving mercy, look at my soul, a road crowded by a dense and endless column of bedraggled refugees, a bomb-pocked highway on whch countless trivialities, much empty talk and pointless acitivity, idle curiosity and ludicrous pretensions of importance all roll forward in a never-ending stream.

When it stands before You and Your infallible Truthfulness, doesn't my soul look just like a market place where the second-hand dealers from all corners of the globe have assembled to shell the shabby riches of this world? Isn't it just like a noisy bazaar, where I and the rest of mankind display our cheap trinkets to the restless , milling crowds?
(p. 45)

What a gem, worthy of returning to time and again. And I suspect much of the remainder of the work is likely to consist of similar material. Thank you!

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