Our Blessings By my recent


Our Blessings

By my recent discussions with Dylan and with Mr. da Fiesole, I have been put in mind of the many blessings God bestows upon us in the course of an ordinary day. Humorously, at the end of a long chain of discussion that included Mr. Da Fiesole, Mark of Minute Particulars (another incisive, and occasionally mind-bending, brain-hurting blog--highly recommended) Kathy the presently blogless OCDS (whom I hope comes to the realization that everybody needs a blog--and thus swells the ranks of the blogging Carmelites) and Mr. Kairos, one of the correspondents wrote to say, "My brain hurts." And that is perfectly understandable. But, mine does not. It feels strangely energized and refreshed as though cobwebs have been swept from it.

So too with Dylan's carefully nuanced, wonderfully understated expositions of Church teaching on the Death Penalty and Pacifism. I thank God for moments like these that remind me that the world is more than my petty web of concerns--that there are great beauties in the mere open exchange of ideas, and we are tremendously blessed to exist in a society where such an exchange is both possible and frequent, even if it is not necessaily encouraged. I thank God for those courageous enough to present views that may be unpopular. And I thank Him for people who care enough to take the time to teach, to lead, and to encourage every one of us in the blogworld.

Of course there are a great many more than those listed here--my side column is filled with such people, and there are a great many others. Today and each day it would be good to remember each of the people who has helped to show us the way by saying a special prayer in their behalf. Thank you all, visitors, commentors, and blogkeepers--you have created a virtual library of inspiration and of praise to God. I cannot encourage or implore you enough to keep up the magnificent, generous work that so buoys up a great many visitors.

Shalom to all.

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