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The webmaster at Disputations has been a very charitable, accommodating, and wonderful host for this discussion of beauty, will, and desire. Through his example, he has shown how it is possible to disagree and argue points without resorting to ad hominem attacks or useless side issues. In addition, this post and its queries and responses show a very socratic and restrained approach to the education of hoi polloi (among whom I must count myself in this issue). I am a mere upstart pursuing the track of a single notion with the conviction (intuition) that resides deep within me. This makes logical argument occasionally quite difficult because I am acting on intuition rather than argumentation for some of the points made. It is all to Mr. da Fiesole's credit that he draws from such an opponent a reasonable stream of thought rather than mere mumblings on "knowing it is so." By his careful ministration he has forced intuition to find supporting reasoning and assisted me in thinking through this difficult problem. Please go and see this, it is quite wonderful (not my own meanderings, but the direction pointed by the blogmaster). Mr. da Fiesole has earned my eternal (or at least temporal) gratitude. So gracious and charitable a host should be well rewarded for spending so much time with so unprofitable an endeavor, he has my prayers and thanks.

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