Especially for Kathy the Carmelite


Especially for Kathy the Carmelite

Yep--here they are, some of the great jewels of the ocean:


image from

You can find out more about these amazing animals here

One of my personal favorites of recent date, a new phylum called Loricifera. There is a delicate, unearthly beauty about these that is impossible to describe. They are part of the interstitial fauna--an entire group of animals that live their entire lives in the spaces between sand-grains. The critter below is approximately 0.25 mm when fully grown--but it is not a protist! It is a full-fledged member of the Animalia!

Pliciloricus enigmatus
Image courtesy of NASA/Smithsonian

For more information and additional pictures of these lovely creature, check this site. Or google "loricifera."

I'm still looking for the echinoderm, as I have forgotten its designation. I thought it was Cyclosdiscus, but I realized that I am probably confusing it with the utterly alien, utterly creepy Laernodiscus porcelaini perhaps now known as or related to Sacculina carcini.

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