And Now for Something Completely


And Now for Something Completely Different: A Theme Song

This blog already has an anthem, expressed in the title, and lovely and beautiful hymn to our lady. But I have long needed a song for the lighter side. Last evening a few of us hijacked Dylan's blog, and he very kindly entertained us as we shared our enthusiasms. The reason for this hijacking is the song Dylan wrote (well, technically, the lyrics Dylan wrote for a tune). Even though he says it is a parody, I'm certain that it is a belated Christmas Gift to me. Herewith, from Dylan's blog the official theme song of Flos Carmeli:

We Swim the Deep Lyrics by Dylan

Here, in the ocean, big squid are swimming,
Dodging the sharks and eating small fish;
Undersea depths with creatures are brimming:
Lobsters and crabs you find on your dish.
We swim the deep, the whale and the dolphin;
Divers descend, are heard from no more.
Submarine snares that you could get caught in!
Best to stay dry and safe on the shore.

(to the tune of Gather Us In)

For those interested the "big squid" of the first line are probably Architeuthis, most likely Architeuthis dux

I am greatly relieved because I was going to have to use the Spongebob theme until this came about, and that might have offended Ms. vonHuben, who undoubtedly wishes to retain it for her own blog. So, my sincere thanks to Dylan who provided a bit of light for the day and a bit of joy for Boy who likes the song very much. (Although he has already expressed his ambition to become a surfer dude. Kewl!)

One point on the original hymn--I don't know about the objection to the lyrics, Dylan's song siren-like entranced me and I was unable to move to see the original entry--but the melody is one of the loveliest I can think of. I don't mind singing the song because it has the half-lamenting minor key stuff going on, and unlike most of the "show-tune" hymnal, this is fairly easily singable by people with a limited range and little musical training.

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