Important Issues of the Day


Important Issues of the Day

I've had inquiries (We get letters, we get letters) as to why I do not see fit to comment on important issues of the day. Don't I care about Cardinal Law? Don't I care about Iraq? Don't I care that the Church is sliding down the slippery slope to perdition and there is but a small band of the intrepid there to haul her back up from ignominy?

I do care deeply about all of these things, and THAT is why I refrain from comment. No one would benefit from one more person airing what are substantially incontestable, nondebatable opinions. No matter what may be said in response to them, little is likely to change them. But there is another deeper reason I don't often write about these things. Ultimately they do not engage me in the way that God's beauty and power engage me. The fate of Cardinal Law is in God's hands, He will prevail. The war with Iraq (impending or otherwise) is in God's permissive and providential will--better that I pray about it than spend my time commenting on it. And ultimately, frankly, I don't believe the Church is sliding down the slippery slope to perdition. And if it were, my weak person would not be the one to save it through my own power. Christ is in control. He has promised, and I believe, that He established this Church and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it. The statement of our Lord is sufficient for me. He has promised--it will be, without question.

No one really wants to hear one more person saying something that much resembles the comments of a thousand other people. My comments on the news would neither enlighten you nor entertain you. I have nothing of any note to share in the realm of opinion on matters of the day. I am not a terribly deep and insightful thinker on these matters. Instead of asking all of these whys, the inquirers should be daily thanking God that I am not trotting out the infinitely boring drivel that would be the hallmark of any such commentary that I might share. God has blessed me with negligible political saavy and intelligence, so wisely, He leads me down different paths. From time to time I will comment elsewhere, and I am often stunned by the banality of the comment. The merciful Lord sees fit to protect you all from my political insights (for the most part).

Later Addendum: It occurred to me reading this somewhat later that some might infer from it that I look down upon all such commentary. Not at all. I think that there are deeply insightful, very interesting commentators out there, many of them noted in the column to the left. Let us just say that I am not particularly adept nor particularly charitable when I begin to comment on such things. Please do not infer that I do not enjoy the work of others. One last point--I must say that I would regard political commentary as a real chore--not the pleasurable work that I do here in spare time.

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