Christmas Break Reading As usual


Christmas Break Reading

As usual I haven't taken enough time off during the year and it all comes down to about two weeks at the end of the year that I fill up with potential reading (only while Boy is asleep, of course.) Today I received from the library my ambitious charting for this season--four books by Gabriel Marcel, four by Gertrude Himmelfarb, and four by Josef Pieper. I'm thinking that with Marcel I may start with Being and Having or Creative Fidelity, Himmelfarb--I've chosen On Looking into the Abyss although One Nation, Two Cultures is tempting, and the Pieper, influenced by the list of classic spiritual reading, I'll probably start with On Leisure as the Basis for Culture. Now, I'm not listing all titles here, but do you all have any other suggestion as to where to start with these? Or should I start at all?

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