Another Interesting Siting via El


Another Interesting Siting
via El Camino Real. El Camino author, Mr. Culbreath refers us to a specific chapter of the work, but there appears to be a good deal of considerable interest here--including articles on Orestes Brownson, among other tidbits. Variations on a Theme subtitled "Portraits of a Continuous Pattern of Accommodation to American Culture and Its Principles by the Catholic Church in the United States of America, Op. 45." Appears to have much of interest to those of us fighting the culture wars.

The link is to a site The Charles de Nunzio Review. It's own description--"An Independent Journal of Commentary Reflective of Catholic Orthodoxy & Tradition Established the 25th of July 1996." I don't know what to make of this considering how many claim Cahtolic Orthodoxy and Tradition, but further reading will tell. Nothing there set off any alarms so far--although the open letter on golf was a rather jarring entry.

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