Another Innovation I'm going to


Another Innovation

I'm going to have to try this out a little while. It seems a bit jarring upon entry--on the other hand, I rather like it. You have your choice of Daily Promise, Psalm, Proverb, or Verse. I've chosen verse, though I may switch to promise. Others are doing a much better job at Psalms and such and proverbs bother me in some way I can really account for. Let me know what you think. I may be able to adjust border to make it a bit less of a lump in the middle of the page. But I do like the idea and I know that I can't do it myself, so. . .

Got the link from this green-light recommended site. There appear to be a number of useful resource including a blog with a reflection on each day's psalm. I'll be checking it out for a few days before I decide about it.

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