Some Catholic Curiousities Just going


Some Catholic Curiousities

Just going to Mass this morning, I was astounded by the curiousities I ran into. Here, declaimed from the pulpit was week four of some sort of instruction on the Liturgy, none of which I have heard in my diocese. In addition, this is a church (Our Lady of the Angels) run by a group of Stigmatine Priests. I had never heard of Stigmatine Priests before this. In addition to that there were extensive resources supporting the mission of some group called the Mercedarians--another I had never heard of. Finally, before leaving home, I had received a magazine from a group called Campos, which I guess represents the group of Brazilian Priests formerly of one of the separatist movements (SSPX?). The claim within the magazine is that the reunification represented the vindication of Archbishop Lefebvre. Does this seem a reasonable interpretation? Does it matter?

My conclusions is that the depth of spirituality in the Catholic Ocean is so great that we can only sample a little bit of the uppermost of that abyssal depth. We are blessed with an abundance and an overabundance of spiritual resources with which to bring proper praise and acclaim to God. Is there anything at all like it? Are there any depths greater?

It would seem to me that this is one of the most obvious arguments for the truth of the claims of the Catholic Church. Perhaps not, it little matters, for on the Solemnity of Christ the King, He in His mercy has seen fit to grant this servant a glimpse of the vastness of His Kingdom here on Earth.

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