A Pseudo-indulgence of Another Enthusiasm


A Pseudo-indulgence of Another Enthusiasm

Yes--unapologetically--I am a profound enthusiast for all things colonial and revolutionary. Being here in the right part of Northern Virginia for a relatively easy hop down to Mr/Pres./General Washington's beloved abode, we made our first sojourn today. My four-year-old was beside himself with excitement at getting to go to "George Washington's House." He asked several times where Washington was. We finally explained that Mr. Washington would not be at home, he was at present visiting with a few close friends--Sally Fairfax, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson (assuming Washington was more flexible and forgiving than the American Sphinx--who held some rather unflatter opinions of the Father of our Nation.).

Later this week we will journey to Gunston Hall, the former residence of the redoubtable George Mason, a founder, who like George Wythe is too often overlooked and too readily forgotten.

We will probably visit the Smithsonian--most particularly the "bone-man dinosaurs" favored by my son. (And of course not to be overlooked by his paleontologist Dad, although my taste runs more to the Burgess Shale exhibition.)

More perhaps later. Now on to another subject.

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