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Peace in the Family

You all were probably already aware of this site and it looks fantastic at the surface. If you have any feedback, please let me know. I've added it to the left-hand column while I continue to review. A partial list of contents:

+ Holy Poverty +
* Preferential Love for the Poor
* Social Justice Teachings
* True Liberation theology
* Social Peace and Justice
* The Eucharist & Justice
* Works of Mercy & Gospel
* Peace of the Christian
* Christian Hospitality for Poor
* The Poor and Jesus Christ
* The Sick and Poor of Jesus
* St. Catherine on the poor
* The Works of Mercy
* Those who endure mental suffering
* Poverty in America
* Dignity of Human Work
* Micro-enterprise & the Poor
* Madonna House
* Voluntary Poverty
* Distributism
* Sojourners / SoJoNet
* Holy Solitude
* National Catholic Register
* Catholics United for the Faith
* Live Webcam Monks of
Adoration Chapel
* Houston Catholic Worker
* Second Spring
* A Catholic Page for Lovers
* Our Sunday Visitor
* Touchstone Magazine
* Credo of Buffalo Homepage
(CUF chapter)
* Cardinal George's Columns
* Jacques Maritain Center
* Click for Pro-life News
* Arts and Letters Daily
* The New Criterion
* TCR Geopolitical Opinion &
Resource Page
* The Caelum Et Terra
* Gray Friars Newsletter
* James Likoudis' Homepage
* Houston Catholic Worker on the
clergy sex abuse scandal
* Militarism
* Writings of Dorothy Day
* Christendom Awake
* Voice of the Faithful?
* Focolare Movement
* Communion and Liberation
* Communio Journal
* Traces: Communion and Liberation
* JPII Encyc: Faith and Reason
* Charles de Foucauld
* Church Fathers
* Leaflets of Faith
* Catholic League
* Holy Shroud info links
* Theotokos Web site
* Errors of Fr. Nicholas Gruner
* Fatima Apostolate
* Catholic Dossier
* Leadership U
* AD 2000
* Homiletic & Pastoral Review
* Denver Catholic Register
* Ressourcement: Links
* Social justice news
* Catholic Worker Movement
* Living His Life Abundantly
* Feminists For Life
* Christian Antropology and Homosexuality
* Society for Catholic Liturgy
* Antiphon (Liturgical Journal)
* Ecclesia Dei, JPII
* Fraternal Society of St. Peter
* Vatican Congregation for the Clergy
* U.S. Catholic Dioceses
* NCCB Weekly Movie Reviews
* Latest News US Conference of
Catholic Bishops
* US Bishops Peace Page
* Victim Souls of the Sacred Heart
* Living Monuments Of Reparation
* Hermanolen Clip Art
* Catholic Canada Directory
* Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

I can't vouch for everything, but I'm pleased to see much gathered in one place, and it seems like a useful resource overall. It seems to point to places that are largely loyal to the magisterium. So go and check it out and please let me know of anything good or bad!

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