Commentary on the Modern Music


Commentary on the Modern Music Scene

One might infer from this post chez Dylan that Dylan does not much care for the muscial stylings of the redoubtable (emphasis on the doubt) Eminem. While some of the sentiments are a trifle stronger than I would give rise to, particularly toward the end, the review is delightfully vitriolic and well worth your attention if you happen to agree with this line:

Eminem is a cancer-cell. His fans are cancer-cells. The genre in which he works is the epitome of all things cancerous and malignant.

We have neighbors who, from time to time, are kind enough to share with us their taste in music--usually at 5:00am or at the other end of the clock. It penetrates our house as a deep kind of throbbing--the only thing more potentially sonically devestating being the twin sonic booms of the returning space shuttle. I can, to some degree, sympathize with this sentiment, particularly as it appear to have been, as Kevin Kline says in that remarkable film, Fierce Creatures "sleep interruptive."

I would point out that the sharp invective is not for the faint of heart or easily perturbed. But, I do believe, shorn of its hyperbole (which is magnificent) it has targeted the bullseye.

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